The NUMCODE is a hyperlink of digits - easy to remember - that allows you to transmit the personal details you choose to whoever you choose! And keep for life and updated that for all your contacts.

Goodbye business cards!

At some point or another, we all have somewhere along the line:

a job interview,

an important meeting,

a business meeting that is going great,

in short: a sensational opportunity ... where you have to send your contact information.

Indeed, after successfully establishing contact with someone, you sometimes have little time to exchange information, won’t you?

In order to possibly continue and develop the relationship, isn’t it?

And that's where you have to make the difference!

So, how can I be sure that you are transmitting EVERYTHING?

Even if you do not have the time?

That the person in front of you will find your info?

Because we have to face ... the reality.

Eh yes !

The reality of multiple "identities"

The digital revolution has multiplied the possibilities of communication.

But also ... the communication channels.


The person you met may get lost, or just do not know how to find you!

So, you probably have:

a Facebook profile, pages,

an internet site (s),

accounts on instagram, twitter, snapchat

a YouTube channel,

a blog or two ...

photos or videos online

in addition to your mailing address,

de vos numéros de téléphone, etc.

Wow !

in addition to your mailing address,

your phone numbers, etc.


If all this had to be on a business card ... it would be impossible!

So, what to do?

Because in this case, it is not easy - for anyone - to find you.

So, how to simplify everything?

How to make some of your personal details easily findable for who you want?

In addition, how can you maintain control over your personal details that you transmit?Discover NUMCODE!

Even if you do not be a born of mathematician, the numbers you "scare you", we rub shoulders with it every day. Isn’t it?

So, you probably know your phone number, your date of birth, your

Partner,your postal code, the code of your building, etc.

So, we all remember many numbers in our daily lives and use them.

We transmit them to each other, exchange them.

It's ordinary.



Indeed, what's simpler, instead of scribbling your many personal details on a piece of paper or a business card mileage, than to transmit to your interlocutor ... a succession of numbers?

You will be able to transmit your contact information efficiently and above all ... simply!

But ... What is a NUMCODE?

NUMCODE: a simple and (frighteningly) effective solution.

A NUMCODE is a series of numbers.

A series that has 1 to 10 digits.

This personal NUMCODE, which you give to whomever you want, allows you to access on the website the personal data that YOU have chosen:

no need for a business card!

no more need to scribble your contact details!

no more need ... to learn them by heart!

numbers work in all languages!

Enter the site and choose your NUMCODE yourself.

Then, you will only have to enter ONLY the contact details that you want to make available to your interlocutors.

Only once.

Think about it: instead of data a whole list with your details, you only have to say a sequence of figures to the person who asks you.

Practice, isn’t it?

How to get your personal NUMCODE?

Want to try the power of NUMCODE?

Go to and select a series of your choice.

It's FREE OF CHARGE FOR LIFE for series of 6 to 10 digits!

If the requested NUMCODE is available, a form will appear so that you can enter the contact details you want.

You keep control by choosing those that are public, those that are strictly personal.

You enter only the data that you want to memorize by our site.

You want a series of 5 digits or less only?

It pays: Purchase a PAY NUMCODE

Protection of personal data

We respect the legal prescriptions, in particular those of the RGDP.

You have access to your data which is protected and you have the possibility to modify them at any time thanks to your email address and your password.

Easy !

How long does the NUMCODE last?

Subscription to our paid service (5 digits or less) lasts one year, renewable.

One month before it expires, an email will remind you to extend your subscription or to cancel it. Simple.

If you chose the free NUMCODE, it's for life!

Can you have multiple NUMCODES?

Of course ! Each NUMCODE is valid for an email address.

So, if you have multiple email addresses, you can obviously benefit from several NUMCODES.

So, ready to revolutionize your contact information transmission?

Go to!