5 digits: 5 € TTC per year

4 digits: 50 € TTC per year

3 digits: 250 € TTC per year

2 digits: 550 € TTC per year

1 digit: 1 000 € TTC per year

For registrations in PAYING mode, Less than 5 digits

select the NUMCODE of your choice, that is, a number between 0 and 999 99 containing up to 5 digits - (without dot or space). If the selected NUMCODE is available, a page will open containing a form in which you can specify your different coordinates. You can also decide which data you want to show or hide to people to whom you are communicating your NUMCODE. Only you will have access to your entire contact sheet and you can decide which ones you want to communicate.

Can I have multiple NUMCODEs?

1 a NUMCODE can be obtained with 1 e-mail address. For each email address, you can have 1 NUMCODE.

What about the issue of protecting my data?

We comply with the data protection laws on the internet. We, NumCode executives, are committed to not transferring or selling your information to any person or company.

Can I edit my data?

Of course!! at any time, with your e-mail and password, you enter directly on your form and can modify it or add new data. Do I have to fill out the entire form? No, you only enter the data you want to memorize. REMINDER: You can decide what data you want to show or hide.